Green Tea vs Black Tea – Which Is Better

downloadgggStarting from the initial step the black tea and the green tea both the varieties of tea comes from the same plant of tea. This tea leaves are further undergoes different processes and then provided to the consumer of it. The green tea is heated at 200 degree Celsius to prevent fermentation. And then it is rolled up and given a shape. Whereas the black tea also undergoes some processes before witnessing the user and so therefore with these processes the leaves of the tea takes a black color . All we can say is the basic difference between these two tea is created with the chain of fermentation reaction takes place.

It has now been proven that taking green tea as a part of daily beverage can reduce the over gained weight of the person. And moreover it can provide many such benefits such as generating antioxidants which benefits the individual in many ways such as removing out the impurities from the human body. It burns the extra gained fat of the body nearly 40 percent a day. Whereas black tea has less of antioxidants.

 So therefore it is recommended to take Kou tea as daily beverage as it contains four tea with has its own benefits. It includes the goodness of green tea as well as white tea. The Kou Tea is a perfect blend of Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea. These tea together possess many benefits to the person who intake it as daily routine. It has Vitamins A, B, C, K and E. Moreover it contains minerals like manganese and calcium to benefit the user of it. So therefore the user of the Kou tea green is is much more benefited than the user of black tea has it has several aforementioned advantages and a power of four effective tea. So it is recommended to take Green tea to reduce your over gained weight and be fit in the most natural way.

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